squeezing pain under my arm pit, swelling arm, collar bone and shoulder blade pain

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I am a 60 year old female. I was injured nearly 4 years ago and had surgery for 4 torn ligaments in my right shoulder. I developed pulmonary embolisms 4 days later. Ever since the surgery I have had this terrible squeezing under my arm and swelling down my arm sometimes into my fingers. My collar bone pinches  and I have pain in my shoulder blade. I still can’t sleep lying down. I was scheduled for another surgery but was taken off the blood thinner too soon and developed more pulmonary embolisms. That time I flatlined. I was tested for clotting disorders and told I don’t have any. 2 years later I had another surgery and was told nothing is wrong with my shoulder other than the removal of a lot of scar tissue. I still can’t lift my shoulder much above shoulder height. I’m in constant pain. None of the doctors I have seen can explain this squeezing. I am currently taking xaralto and Percocet for the pain. I would love to get my life back. I was very active prior to my injury, playing soccer in the world masters and more. Now it hurts my arm to walk. I’m getting desperate!

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I am not sure if there is anything wrong, since you have have seen doctors and done tests and showed nothing serious. Xarelto and Percocet are right for you. Maybe you should see a psychiatrist for help.

The pain is related to the post-surgical scar tissue. As we know, there are a lot of nerves in our body. So when the tissue is damaged and get scars, the nerves get messed. Many people get pain after surgery. It seems pain med is the only option.

Hi, you are suffering from chronic pain. Since you have already taken narcotics that do not seem to work very well, you may need to see a pain specialist. Local steroid injection and lidocaine patch may be alternative remedies to control the pain.