my daughter has tetralogy of fallot and has breathing problem and is exercising

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she is 32 and has DeGeorge syndrome and has asthma she is exerciseing and has tetralogy of fallot on a 20 year old  valve replacement. how much exercising is safe for  her. had heart cath and is stable. and her in laws have her on a diet and exercising. im worried how fare they are pushing her on all that is going on

3 Answers

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I am not sure about her heart function. She should have heart unltrasound test and see a cardiologist for proper advice.

First, what is her overall & general heart condition? Does she feel difficulty breathing when running or going up stairs? Second, it seems that your daughter has already had the heart surgery when she was younger. What about her echo test results? At last, why would she exercise? To the best of my knowledge, there is no evidence that exericising would be do much good to tetralogy of fallot. I do not mean she has to sit there and not move. I just say if she exercises moderately, such as walking and jogging, that would be OK. Too much and vigorous exercising would make her heart overloaded.

I am concerned too. TOO much exercising would put much pressure on her heart. Also, she has breathing difficulties, which would be worsened by too much exercising. I think that she definitely needs to consult her cardiologist on this issue.