White bumps by nose

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76, male white bumps on face by nose. Lipitor

3 Answers

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Is there any pain or swelling? It might be a sign of an infection (such as folliculitis). You need consult a dermatologist to confirm it and take some medications.

Do they occur recently or have they been there for a long time? BTW, it would be appreciated if you could upload a picture. 

Small, white bumps that form on your nose are most likely a condition known as milia. Also known as baby acne for its common occurrence on the faces of newborns, milia is a painless and harmless skin condition that affects many individuals through infancy and even adulthood.

If it's milia, no treatment is needed as it usuallt goes away on its own within weeks or months.
Just appeared.
Please give a picture of the nose bumps. You can upload a picture according to the instructions at https://qa.healthtopquestions.com/86458/how-do-i-take-a-picture-for-you.

Although it cannot be said for sure what it is without a picture, it is benign in the majority of cases.