Can Bunya Viruses Transmit from Person to Person?

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Well, bunya virus is not a genetic disease. Although infectious, it is not transmitted from person to person. The truth is, it spreads via blood feeding insects (ticks and mosquitoes).
What is this virus?
There’s a post within this website talking about the basics of bunyaviruses, you may wanna check it out here: Or, you can simply type in bunyaviruses in the search box within this website, the first post popping up is about this topic.
How about the diagnosis?
Diagnosing bunyavirus in an individual who has just been infected a few days is hard, because early signs (fatigue, muscle aches, fever) are very likely to be confused with influenza. But if the patient has a history of potential rural rodent exposure and experience other symptoms such as shortness of breath, he is recommended to see a physician immediately and get a precise diagnosis. There are some testing procedures such as home fever tsts, home ear infection test kits, home flu tests and home strop A tests. Bear in mind that a professional is essential in making a diagnosis since the patient can be easily misdiagnosed with whopping cough or sinusitis.