Can Hanging Upside Down Save Balding?

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YouTuber Nicola Chatfield’s vlog has gained a lot of attention recently. In the vlog, she hangs upside down on a pull-up bar for five minutes a day for a weak and said her hair has successfully grown half an inch.



The haircare market has always been full of such strange hair growth methods that promise to save balding. Although I doubt the effectiveness of hanging upside down like bats, the vlog has attracted my attention. So, is it truly a great method to grow hair?


The science behind the inversion method


The hanging upside-down method is commonly referred to as the “inversion method,” which involves two steps, massaging the scalp nightly with essential oil and turning head upside down for several minutes.



As for massage, a recent study surveyed 327 participants who massaged their scalp every day for about 6 months, finding that 68.9% reported the stopping of hair loss and hair regrowth.


As for hanging upside down, a study in mice found that hair growth would decrease if some blood vessels were blocked. This finding suggests that good blood flow is important for hair growth. Turning the head upside down can increase blood flow to the scalp, which may promote hair growth.



Is the inversion method safe?


One great thing about the inversion method is that it is cheap and easy to apply. But turning yourself upside down may lead to safety problems.


Hair restoration expert Dr. Bessam Farjo warned that inversion method was not a “miracle cure” for hair loss. “Hanging upside down for too long could result in blood pooling in the brain. That could trigger ruptured blood vessels which could lead to a brain hemorrhage. And then there’s the risk of falling.”



As you can see, the inversion method has its merits and demerits. If you choose to try it, you’d better consult with your doctor first. If your doctor says you are free to try it, you still need to be careful during the process. If you feel dizzy or nauseous, get yourself back upright and do it slowly.


Let’s hope we can all have a healthy body as well as healthy hair.


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i love it
Let me try this, weird but sounds reasonable. I hope I can have more hair.
Seriously? I cant stand hanging myself upside down
Look closely at the two photos, you will see that in the second photo she has moved closer to the camera; thus it “appears” that her hair has grown longer.  The average growth of hair is 1/2 inch per month, or 1/8 inch per week.  There is nothing out of the ordinary here, even if she has you convinced there is.