Brushing Teeth 3 Times a Day May Protect Your Heart

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Ever since I was little, I’ve been living in fear of the blue-masked men and women. I hated dentists so much that I swore I would do everything to avoid those demons. So, I always listened to my mommy’s words and brushed my teeth three times a day.



I believe I’m not alone. And those who are like me now have a reason to laugh, because brushing teeth three times a day may protect people from heart disease.


Your heart wants you to brush your teeth


In a study involving 161,286 people aged 40 to 79 who had no history of heart diseases, the researchers examined their health conditions and asked them questions about lifestyles and oral hygiene behaviors. After 10 and a half years, the researcher followed up with them and saw if they developed any heart problems.



Surprisingly, those who brushed teeth at least three times a day were 12% less likely to have heart failure than those who brushed less than three times.


In addition, brushing teeth three or more times a day was linked with a 10% lower risk of developing atrial fibrillation, which refers to irregular and faster heartbeat.


Why this would happen



Not only is oral hygiene essential for preventing dental disease and bad breath, but it plays an important role in your overall health. For example, poor oral hygiene may lead to bacteria in the blood, which can cause inflammation and thus make people more vulnerable to heart diseases.


Brushing teeth frequently may be able to reduce the number of bacteria living in the gaps between the teeth and gums and prevent them from entering the bloodstream.



To conclude, brushing teeth frequently is important to improve your health. If you don’t have a good brushing habit but want to build one, there will never be a better time than NOW.

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Does brushing the teeth mean flossing and using the water pick?
As long as it promotes oral hygiene, it's useful. That's what I learned from this post anyway.