The Ultimate Homemade Hangover Cure: Easy and Effective

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65% Pear juice.

25% Sweet lime juice.

10% coconut water.



What does the combination make? According to scientists, it’s the best cure to help your body cleanse itself of booze, your best friend after a crazy, dizzy night.


It’s suggested to have the juice with a slice of cheese, cucumber and tomatoes, which can help ease those headaches and nausea.


Scientists analyzed the effects of dozens of fruits, veggies, pulses, spices and dairy products on two enzymes that break down alcohol, and found the mentioned foods best for releasing symptoms when drunk. The combination of juice was found to boost the activity of one enzyme by 23.31% and the other by 70.02%.


So what you should do, especially if you are a drinker, is preparing pears, sweet limes, coconut water, cheese, cucumber and tomatoes in your home, and have them mixed in your stomach after a binge.



Drinking coffee, in contrast, is strongly unrecommended after you get drunk. Coffee cannot help you but can prolong the agony.


“Hangover poses a considerable threat at the individual level. Along with the occurrence of unpleasantness there is also a risk of health issues that might impact everyday functioning. It also affects the economy due to a decrease in the productive work caused by sleep deprivation, loss of attentiveness and alertness.” Said the study leader Prof Rekha S. Singhal.


Since the beverage simply made from a blend of sweet lime, pear, and coconut water could be used to overcome hangover, why not have a try next time?

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Alcohol is filtered in the liver I doubt this works
For releasing the symptoms yes it does. For getting rid of the toxicity I doubt it.
Alcohol is not filtered, but broken down by the liver, the process of breaking it down requires enzymes. When they say the juice boosts the production of enzymes, it sounds possbile to me to make you recover sooner.
Thanks for the recipe. At the end of year, my dear busy husband is gonna drink a lot.
I understand. Mine doesnt drink too much but still a drinker.
You're so wrong! Drunkards never prepare sober foods by themselves, we caregivers do such.
That's your fault !!!