Hangover? Your Cure Is Here, Depending on What You Drank

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I always remember when I went to a Gin bar in London, sitting at the bar counter with a friend, with whom I like to talk about writing, chatting and observing the people coming and vanishing from the door.


I always enjoy a drink at night, although my stomach won’t allow me recently. Personally I’d like to bargain with the organ in my upper abdomine: can you just wait until after the new year? It’s Christmas season!


Who doesn’t want some lovely nights out in December anyway?


So, I said to myself, maybe a post about cures for hangovers due to different kinds of alcohol is useful. And here it is.




Beer: Avocado and eggs on brown toast


First things first, this can only save you from a beery hangover, not a beer belly. LOL.


The protein and vitamin B in eggs are great helper of detox, mainly because they contain cycteine, an amino acid that breaks down the toxic by-products resulting from alcohol in the body. Also, have a strong tea or two. This can help you rehydrate.




Red wine: cashew nuts


You can never escape from red wine in a party. The problem with “aged” drinks like red wine may cause dry eyes and a thumping head, the symptoms of allergy.


Cashew nuts contain substances that can fight against the allergic symptoms caused by red wine, so a few nuts after drinking is a good choice. A glass of hot water with honey is also recommended.




White wine: bananas


Unlike red wine, too much white wine causes inflammation which triggers white blood cells to flood the bloodstream with the same proteins released when you get flu. This causes your headache, nausea, and tiredness.


A banana with a can of sugary Sprite can boost flagging energy, and is also tasty.


G&T: ginger


Ah, here comes my favorite drink – and the number one food in my “Never Touch” list. Sadly.


A mug of water with fresh ginger should settle the tum, even better with toast with honey. The honey toast can help hasten the metabolism of alcohol.




Champagne: cola


Champagne may cause epic headaches, and a full-sugar cola is its best cure – which makes me want to hold a Champagne-Cola party someday. The party will also serve you with grilled bacon, because the vitamin B in it helps you get the alcohol in your body broken down.



Cider: chicken soup


Cider was my favorite drink when I was in university. Every Saturday I went to the gym in the afternoon (because I didn’t want to escape from my warm bed in the morning) and went back to my small rental apartment with a bottle of cider.


There are other ways to save you from a cider-related hangover, for example, hot water with fresh ginger and a tsp of sugar or honey. But I prefer chicken soup. It is more tasty and can help you improve mood.



I’m not very sure whether I should call for alcohol temperance during the holiday season since I myself cannot control myself at all. But ouch, my stomach is groaning. So maybe it’s just better to limit your alcohol intake, if you don’t want to feel uncomfortable anywhere in your body.

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Cool story bro
I bartended, lots of regulars wasted everyday, lol, I gave out alot of teaspoons of honey. 2-4 tsps and a cup of coffee then they started all over. One came in and did 1tsp honey and cup coffee then started drinking his beer and before he'd leave he'd do it again, go home and pass out and wake up and go to work, everyday. Just for a laugh, I gave out spoonfuls of sugar for hiccups. They get to drinking fast and get the hiccups. A couple of spoonfuls of sugar helps sometimes.
Cool! I always want to be a bartender. But not dare to serve drunk people. Always afraid of their anger and fists.
I never thought I would or could be a bartender because I was always kinda shy and quiet and took shit and held it in. It helped already knowing a few people. You get to know the ones that are regulars and learn their habits and voice tones and actions and you figure out how to handle them. You'd be surprised. I had 3-4 fights to keep from happening in 2yrs time at one bar. It helps to work a bar you are familiar with. The hardest part of bartending is serving someone who you know is really big trouble and lushed off of people and maybe ripped or stole from you or others, and you have to do it with a smile. And they give you a look like "I am forgiven".