Kiss Your Baby Goodbye Before Leaving. Here Is Why.

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Diana Simos, a Floridian mom recently rushed back to work without giving her 2-year-old son Alex a proper goodbye. Diana's husband captured the cute moment of Alex speaking his mind and the toddler had plenty to say! (The video is attached to the post.)



In the adorable clip, angry little Alex stomps his foot, tosses his arms to the side and says “Hi bibi nana dada mi eh wo eh me!” Thankfully, his dad translates Alex’s words better than Google, “You want to give her a kiss, and she just went to work? What kind of mama is that?!”


“I don’t know!” Alex shouted.


Ohhhh man, that’s the cutest conversation ever. And I think this boy deserves honor, because he is so smart and he has taught a lesson to all the parents and reminds them of one really important thing — the development of a toddler's social emotion.




Between the ages of 1 and 3, your baby begins to master various social and emotional skills. (S)he may enjoy adult attention, get angry and have temper tantrums easily, and express her/his feelings verbally.


When the baby cries and clings, many of you may find that annoying and frustrating. However, these responses are actually a positive sign, which indicates that (s)he is developing normally and becoming increasingly independent.


In this period, daycare can be essential.



Daycare offers your baby an opportunity to foster independence and practice social and emotional skills. Daycare allows the baby to be around with her peers. This can help her/him learn others’ feelings and show her/his own feelings to other toddlers.


Surely, it’s possible that a peaceful daycare program can become a battleground filled with yelling and shoving. But parents over there, don’t worry. Rivalries are also part of your children’s growth.


As parents, you just need to partner with daycare providers.



When you are about to leave your baby with the childcare provider, you should know things may not be that easy. Your baby may not smile and wave you goodbye. Instead, (s)he is very likely to cry out loud and grip your clothes.


That’s because (s)he knows you are leaving, and (s)he isn’t sure whether you will come back. So, what should you do?


Still remember Alex and that he wants a goodbye kiss? That’s right. it’s important to always give your baby a goodbye kiss and remind her/him that you will be back later. This helps her/him learn the routine that you will be back and helps build her/his trust in you.



Once you leave, just trust your daycare provider to take good care of your child. Remember to communicate with the daycare provider regularly!


I can tell that Diana and little Alex have already developed the habit of kissing each other goodbye. Diana just forgot to do it because she was in a hurry going to work. Well, I can understand her. After all, her family's gotta eat, right? May this be the only time this mama breaks her little dude’s heart. LOL


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