This is How Stars Lose 14 Pounds in 3 Weeks

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To those who are excited by the title and cannot wait to see how to lose 14 pounds, I must first ask you one serious question:



Are you willing to lose 14 pounds by spending three weeks in an Australian jungle, sleeping with snakes and eating insects?


“NOOOOOOO WAYYYYYYY!” I’ve already heard the screaming in your head. But relax, it’s only a joke. English actor Jacqueline Jossa walked out of the jungle after three weeks and lost 14 pounds, but we can lose weight like her WITHOUT entering a jungle.


Let’s see how to lose weight quickly and safely.



1. Reduce calories


When Jac was in the jungle, she ate less than half of her usual daily calories.


As you can see, cutting down on calories is essential if you want to slim down and own a nice figure in bikini in the next summer. The best way to do this is to be aware of what you are eating.


Now, look at the burger and cola in your hand and ask yourself, do I actually need them?! If you are smart enough, throw them away and go to a supermarket for some fresh fruit or low-calorie yogurt!



2. Move more


I hate to admit it, but I really enjoy watching Jac’s jungle show when lying on bed and eating popcorns. After all, there is nothing better than to enjoy others’ miserable surviving adventure. But this comes at a price. I have to say hello to my double chin. ☹


According to coach Harry Thomas, guests in the jungle show "are always on their feet, much more practical stuff like carrying bags, making camp, cleaning, cooking and all of the challenges. Very opposite to the sedentary lifestyle we have back here.”



This is to say, we need to move more in order to lose weight. One good way is to count your step. Harry recommends a minimum of 10000 per day.


3. Have a good sleep


Another secret of Jac’s weight loss lies in her sleeping pattern. Being out in nature, Jac went to bed when the sun went down and woke up with the sun.



How can this be related to weight loss? In fact, though sleep will not directly lead to weight loss, it will aid everything else that does help, including your internal clock and circadian rhythm. These can help your body metabolize fat more effectively.


4. Try intermittent fasting


Fasting may sound a little bit hard, but it’s not that hard. We all skip a meal out of a day or delay when we eat occasionally.



Jac had to fast when she lost a game in the jungle show. That’s why she reduced her weight successfully.


Harry says that If you can cut back on 500 calories every day, you will lose about 1 pound at the end of the week! You only need to give up one burger or cokes. Sounds quite easy!


(picture from the Sun)


If you are still hesitating, see the before-and-after images of Jac, see how different she appeared after just three weeks! Anyway, I need to go on my rice and bean diet, plz applaud my victory three weeks later! Bye.

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