Caution! The Flu Is Getting Wild!

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A few days ago, when I was having a difficult time getting out of my bed in the morning, my family group in WhatsApp just continuously sent me the noisy sounds and finally, kicked my sleepiness out of the door.


My mom: CNN NEWS. One hospital had 9 flu cases at this time last year. This year, it has more than 1,400!!!

My dad: Update: Flu season ramping up in Indiana.

My mom (asking my sister): Have Patrick (my nephew) got vaccinated?

My sister: DAMN.


DAMN. This is also my first thought. Christmas is just around the corner, while the flu season just comes in time for the holidays! I’ve heard rumors that the flu this year is going to be wild, but I didn’t realize the flu can go that wild, and, DANGEROUS.

According to CNN, Children's hospital New Orleans has seen more than 1,400 cases of flu since October. There were only 9 cases this time in 2018. This increase of 155 times set a perfect example to how wild the flu season is this year.


Besides, for now, at least five flu-related pediatric deaths have already been confirmed by the CDC. Three deaths occurred in Indiana. This is really concerning. Neighbors in Indiana, have you read this?!


Another concerning thing is all the three deaths occurred in patients over the age of 65. This is to say, this flu season can be deadly for children AND seniors. Once I read about this, I immediately send a message to my parents: “Get yourselves vaccinated NOW!!!”


I don’t mean to do advertisements for vaccines, but among the over 1.7 million cases of the flu, most patients didn’t take a vaccine. “Should I take a vaccine?” I think the answer is clear enough.
The CDC also said that “it’s not too late to get vaccinated. Flu vaccination is always the best way to prevent flu and its potentially serious complications.”


So, get yourselves prepared, take preventive measures and receive the vaccine. ALL human beings can receive a vaccine except babies under the age of six months.

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I saw my doctor 2 days before I got the new enhanced flu shot .I was not sick.. Since I got that flu shot within 24 hours I got sick ..It stated me getting  5 different infections. Including the virus b and bacterial pneumonia.  I have gotten my flu shots ever year..  But that new inhanced.. Made me ill.
It's quite normal to get ill after taking a flu shot. And from my point I think maybe you've got the flu just before you take that shot coz a shot is unlikely to make you ill like this. Maybe you jsut took it too late.
No i didnt
.a town in louiiana.
Gets there flu shots every year
.populaton 960.. Last ten years.. This town has reported to the cdc..the most same people.. Have hand less then 40 or reported cases of flu .. They got the new enhanced flu shot.. Same period of time.. They have had over 800 cases so far
Same happened to me except upper respiratory cold and cough for 7 weeks.north carolina